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  A few things to remember:
     - Arrive 5 minutes early
     - No gum chewing
     - Remove jewelry
     - Silence cell phones
     - Minimal or no make-up

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Credit card payments welcome

Credit Cards Welcome

Credit card payments welcome

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Package Deals

We realize at Me Time Massage that your time is valuable, as is ours. In an effort to help our clients better manage their time, Me Time Massage is offering special package deals. Check out the packages below.




Other Modalities

Massage Package One

90-minute massage
Foot Scrub enhancement
Aroma Therapy
Hot Towel
Essence pH10 Purified Water



Chair Massage

Massage Package Two

One 2-hour massage
Sugar Glow enhancement
Aroma Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy
Essence pH10 Purified Water